Spring 2017: KB is finishing off Åttitallet (The Eighties), the third volume of the novel cycle Verden Som Var Min (The World I Used To Know). The book will be released in October 2017. The first two volumes have passed 80.000 copies in print.


November 2016: Elke Heidenreich writes about Mein Weg zu Mozart: “What an impressively, wonderful book!”


September 2016: Insel/Suhrkamp Verlag releases Mein Weg zu Mozart (Veien til Mozart), translated by Lothar Schneider.


August 2016: The release of the sequel to Sekstitallet/The Sixties, Syttitallet/The Seventies, sends the novel directly to the top 2 and 3 on the Ark and Tanum bookstore lists. The release gets huge attention and much praise in the press. Both Guri Hjeltnes in VG and Marius Wulfsberg in Dagbladet give the novel 5 stars. Hjeltnes names it “a tour de force” and says the reading is “and adventurous journey”. Wulfsberg writes that KB “meets the expectations again”, and in Adresseavisa, Ole Jacob Hoel writes that KB “exceeds the expectations”, writing about “a particulary exciting decade, both for the world, for Norway and for the protagonist himself.” In Dagsavisen, Turid Larsen is already looking forward to Åttitallet/The Eighties.


August 2015: Sekstitallet(The Sixties) reaches top 5 on the official Norwegian bestseller list, after glowing reviews in major newspapers. Turid Larsen (Dagsavisen) writes that the novel is one of the best KB has ever written. Both Guri Hjeltnes (VG) and Marius Wulfsberg (Dagbladet) gives the novel 5 stars, writing that the book is “warm and invigorated” (VG) and “an important contribution to the autobiographical literature. (Dagbladet). Wulfsberg also writes that the project, a six volume novel cycle, is “a daring larg-scale project,” different from Karl Ove Knausgård, and that “KB has succeeded to describe his own time.”


July 2015: Sekstitallet (The Sixties), KB’s first novel in the planned six volume cycle Verden Som Var Min (The World I Used To Know) is presented as “book of the month” in Bokklubben Nye Bøker. The official release is on 12 August. KB has already started writing Syttitallet (The Seventies).


December 2014: KB writes on a new novel, called The Sixties. It is planned for release in the Fall, 2015.


December 2014: Veien til Mozart (The road to Mozart) is sold to Suhrkamp/Insel Verlag in Berlin, Germany and will be translated by Lothar Schneider with a planned release in 2016. In Norway, the book has already two reprints and gets unison praise by the critics.


November 2014: A Passion for John Donne (ECM) gets praise from two of Norway’s leading jazz critics. On, Tor Hammerø writes that this could be KB’s greatest masterpiece so far, and that KB always finds the right melody making his beautiful music. He also praises Håkon Kornstad, Birgier Mistereggen and the Oslo Chamber Choir conducted by Håkon Daniel Nystedt. In, the former Dagbladet newspaper critic Terje Mosnes calls the cd “vital and beautiful”. He recommends the recording, saying that it could be this year’s Christmas gift.



October 2014: CNNs Richard Quest talks to the Nordic Choice Hotel-owner Petter Stordalen about KBs book Veien til Mozart (The road to Mozart) in his series Reading for Leading, Saturday 11 October. The interview is a part of the 30 minute weekly Best of Quest-program. Stordalen talks about how reading KBs book about Mozart was an inspiration for thinking about different values in life, also when you are a businessman.


October 2014: KBs Veien til Mozart (The road to Mozart) gets much praise after the release in August. In Norways biggest newspaper Aftenposten, Toril Sæther writes: “Is it anything more to say about Mozart, more than 200 years after his death? After the reading of KBs biography, the answer is yes.” She also writes that the book is “as much a biography as an auto-biography, and that it is a successful combination of both. She concludes that the book is “wise, insightful, well written and, not at least, a humorous book about Mozart, Bjørnstad, the music and life itself.” And in Stavanger Aftenblad, Erik Lodén also finds the autobiographic touch “convincing”. At the same time he writes that the book is a ”stimulating, knowledgeable and reliable guide into Mozart’s life and music”. In Klassisk Musikkmagasin, Ida Habbestad praises the rhythm in KBs way of writing.


May 2014: KBs book about Wolfang Amadeus Mozart gets the title Veien til Mozart (The road to Mozart) and will be released by Aschehoug by the end of August 2014. It is both a strictly empiric Mozart-biography and an auto-biography about KBs life since he, as a 5 years old child, was told by his mother to love Mozart and play him on his piano. KB tries to emphasize the struggle Mozart had with different authorities, included his beloved father, and to describe how he, himself, in the landscape of his  Aksel Vinding-novels, related to, and struggled with, Mozart on different levels through his own childhood.


May 2014: KBs novel Nåde gets significant recognition in Bangladesh’ The Daily Star. Salahuddin Ayub, a faculty member in the Department of Criminal Justice, Philosophy and Political Science at Chicago State University, writes that the novel is: “Gracefully composed, unsettling, and quietly provocative. Nåde is a profound indictment of our acquiescence to the status quo, our growing appetite for boorish tribalism disguised as progressive nationalist politics, and our appalling indifference to the plight of minorities.” He also writes that Anis Pervez’ translation of this “luminous, moving prose” is superb.


November 2013: KB’s novel Ensomheten (Loneliness) gets significant recognition among Norwegian critics. In Adresseavisen, Ole Jacob Hoel writes that the book is “musically tuned and painfully vulnerable … the protagonists will be remembered long after the reading is finished.” In Knutepunktet, Knut Gørvell writes that “KB has written one of this Autumn’s strongest novels about adultery, passion and the labyrinths of love. I have to admit that I am a great admirer of KB. He is one of the very few authors in this country who writes great and existential novels about the most important aspect of life.” Tine’s blogg writes: “If you have liked what KB has written before, you will love this. The language is incredibly rich. I don’t know how he manages it.” Reading Randi (giving five stars): “Well written, well composed, cultured and engaging …exactly how a beautiful piece of music should be composed.” And, finally, Rose-Maries litteratur- og filmblogg (also giving five stars): “This is one of KB’s best novels!”

August 2013: The Taiwanese publishing house Chiuku will publish Til Musikken/To Music in a translation by Professor Thomas C. K. Tseng early 2014.


August 2013: The French director Lionel Delplanque will start the shooting of La Société des Jeunes Pianistes (To Music/Til Musikken/Vindings Spiel) in April 2014 with a casting including Charlotte Rampling, Christa Therét, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing and Olivier Gourmet.


June 2013: KB prepares for the printing of his new novel The Loneliness to be published by Aschehoug Forlag on 9 September 2013. The novel will be the Book of the Month in Litteraturklubben in September. A reprint of The Story Of Edvard Munch is the Book of the Month in Den Norske Bokklubben in June.


December 2012: KB’s novel Verdens Ende (End of the world) gets much attention and some very good reviews, both in major newspapers, blogs and magazines in Norway. In Dagsavisen, Turid Larsen writes that the book is “an observant and reflective narrative that stretches toward the major life issues.” In the BnB Magazine, Nina Aspen writes that “I was touched, provoked and inspired, as only good literature is able to.” Mari Nymoen Nilsen in Verdens Gang writes that “Bjørnstad writes wisely and well, and sometimes with a vibrant passion for language.” In Dagbladet, Maya Troberg Djuve writes that Bjørnstad “Is reflecting on a good level.” The magazine Det gode liv says that the novel is “Raw and brutal, but sad and beautiful” and in the blog Knutepunktet, the editor Knut Gørvell calls KB “Aksel Sandemose’s successor”. He puts the book on the top of his “Best novels of 2012” list and writes: “For me it was a huge experience to read End of the world, and I was reminded of why I started reading ... The great writers can touch you deeply, and KB does.”


November 2012: KB's new contemporary novel Verdens Ende (End of the world) will be released by Aschehoug on November 19. The book is also the Book of the Month in Bokklubben Nye Bøker in January 2013. NRK journalist Marit Lie makes a 30-minute feature on KB for Bokprogrammet, shown first time November 13.


Spring 2012: KB’s novel Die Unsterblichen  (De Udødelige/The immortals) gets much praise in Germany. In Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Klaus Birnstiel writes that it is “a great novel ... penetrating ... a sad and tragic book you don’t forget.” In Figaro, Michael Hametner says that KB is “a master of melancholy”, and in Neue Zürcher Zeitung, J.F.K. writes that the novel is “a very topical story of a Norwegian middle class family”.


April 2012: ECM will release the double album Songs From The Alder Thicket. KB will play solo piano in Gamle Logen, Oslo on 22 April. KB’s publishing house Aschehoug will at the same time release the three novels about Aksel Vinding in one volume. The music on the ECM-cd is closely related to the books.


Winter 2012: KB writes on a new, contemporary novel.


November 2011: Release of KB’s book Belonging about the famous Jarrett/Garbarek/Danielsson/Christensen-album from 1974 (ECM). The book is also a very personal document and a tribute to Manfred Eicher, the musicians, the studio and ECM. In Dagsavisen, Mode Steinkjær writes that these "very personal reflections" could be even better than KB’s fiction, and he asks him to write more about contemporary persons and matters. In Aftenposten (February 2012), Vidar Kvalshaug writes that this little book is KB’s strongest text in years.


October 2011: KB gets significant recognition for his book Drømmemesteren on the Norwegian painter Bendik Riis (1911-1988). During a seminar in Litteraturhuset, Oslo, KB discusses the Norwegian psychiatric institution Gaustad Sykehus about its right to put Bendik Riis in prison for six years, with the prominent psychiatrist Ellen Hagemo, a.o. In Morgenbladet, Tommy Olsson writes: “My respect for your (KB’s) work is virtually limitless ... One will hardly remain unaffected when one enters into this (book) ... It works in a trance-like manner.” And in Vårt Land, the Cultural Editor Olav Egil Aune writes: “Bjørnstad takes a white-hot confrontation with Gaustad Hospital’s treatment of the painter Bendik Riis ...Glory, honour and many thanks for a warm book about the cold.”


1. October 2011: KB plays outdoor solo piano for more than 12.000 people at the Jarasum Int. Jazzfestival outside Seoul, Korea. He also records a solo piano live-concert for Korean television.


Autumn 2011/Winter 2012: KB on tour: Nyksund Brygge 6 August (solo piano), Fredrikstad 1 September (solo piano), Asker 18 September (with Tore Brunborg & Jon Christensen), Trondheim 22 September (solo piano), Korea 30 September-1 October (Television concert and Jarasum International Jazzfestival – solo piano), Köln 11 October (with Svante Henryson), Haugesund 27 October (solo piano), Neuwied (with Terje Rypdal) 4 November, Karmøy (with Ole Paus) 6 november, Mjøndalen 10 November (solo piano) Oslo 12 November (First performance of Soloppgang in Universitetets Aula, under the “The Sun”-picture of Edvard Munch), Gjøvik 16 November (solo piano), Oslo (with Kari Bremnes) 22 November, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Frankfurt 23-27 November (Lesung-tour). 2012: Kongsberg 18 January (solo piano), Oslo, Torshov 19 & 26 January (solo piano), Langenau 11 February (solo piano), Oslo 16 March (First performance of A Passion for John Donne, with Håkon Kornstad (sax), Birger Mistereggen (percussion) and Oslo Kammerkor, conducted by Håkon Nystedt – Oslo Int. Church Music Festival), Lørenskog 12 April (with Kari Bremnes), Oslo 22 April (Release-concert for the ECM-double-album Songs From The Alder Thicket), Oslo 5 May (with Ole Paus at the National Library), Rosendal Barony 21 July (solo piano), Arendal 25 July (with Kari Bremnes).


NEWS Mai 2011

 April 2011: In a huge review in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the author Peter Henning gives KB exceptional praise for his Vinding-trilogy. He writes that the trilogy is impressive. “A painful inner journey marked by the limits of love ... The story is told over more than eleven hundred pages in sentences and images of great poetry and, sometimes, of icy beauty.” Henning writes that “Bjørnstad’s extensive self-portrait is completed as a great narrative of a utopia that remains unfulfilled.” And he concludes that KB “succeeds with a grand undertaking: portraying the futility of trying to hold on to happiness.”


February 2011: Ketil Bjørnstad’s novel “De Udødelige” hits the Norwegian bestseller list and sparks a debate, partly due to the controversial subject of the book: a man who feels overwhelmed by the care needs of both his elderly parents and his grown-up children. Anne-Grete Strøm Erichsen, Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services, meets Bjørnstad to discuss the issues raised by the book on Norwegian radio and TV, and says that the book addresses an important theme. In Dagsavisen Turid Larsen writes that it is “a novel you don’t want to put down”, and that the book is “a penetrating and well-defined picture of comfortable Norwegian reality at the beginning of the 21st century”. In Oppland Arbeiderblad Liv Romsås Bekkelund writes that the book “grabbed this reader from the first page, and maintained its grip until the final full stop”. Jan Askelund of Stavanger Aftenblad writes that Bjørnstad “deserves both gratitude and praise”. And in Aftenposten Vidar Kvalshaug writes that Bjørnstad at his best has lived up to his ideal of writing “the great European novel of ideas”. He also writes that the book has a lot to offer to “Bjørnstad fans”.


February 2011: KBs new novel De Udødelige (The Immortal) is published by Aschehoug Forlag, Norway. It is already sold to Suhrkamp/Insel Verlag, Germany. Bokklubben nye Bøker will present the novel as their Book-of-the month in March 2011.    


Autumn 2010: KB on tour: Berlin 6 September (presenting the German version of Damen i Dalen – Die Frau im Tal). Nordhausen 7 September (Lesung), Köln 8 September (solo piano. St. Mauritius Kirche). Sortland 15, Lørenskog 16, Ørsta 17 Stryn 18 and Sandvika 25 September (all with Lill Lindfors.) Tønsberg 25 September (Lecture about Oda Krohg). Madrid 27 September (presenting the Spanish version of To Music). Kvinesdal 29 September (solo piano). Frankfurt Book-Fair, 6-8 October (presenting Die Frau im Tal). Eidsvoll 16. October (solo piano). Moster 24 October (solo piano). Notodden 26 October (solo piano). Neuwied 29 October (solo Piano).


July 2010: In a huge review in Le Monde, Nils C. Ahl gives KB exceptional praise for his novel The River (L’appel de la rivière). He writes that the novel is an excellent sequel of To Music (La Société des Jeunes Pianists) and concludes that it is a novel that makes you feel you don’t miss anything. In Libération, Claire Devarrieux praises the novels beautiful parts, and France TV 2 concludes that it is a strong and beautiful novel about love, elevated by music.


Lillehammer Litteraturfestival 27 May (with Kari Bremnes)


March 2010: KB's novel To Music (Til Musikken) is longlisted for The Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2010. Other nominees are Boris Akunin, Jonathan Littell & Philippe Claudel. The book is translated by Deborah Dawkin and Erik Skuggevik.


January 2010: In The Times, Paul Binding praises To Music and writes that it is "a powerful novel" ... "a demonstration of the price society demands for the recognition of all outstanding gifts."


Winter 2009/2010: Remarkable attention for KB’s novel To Music (Til Musikken) in England. In The Independent, Tone Sutterud writes: “This is an enchanting tale of love and death, desire and loss, about how parents and mentors manipulate and ultimately fail the young people entrusted to them. Above all, it’s a story of music written by a master in the field.” In the Financial Times, the author Henry Hitchings writes: “Bjørnstad diligently maps out a plot that’s charged with Gothic intensity, as the creepy adults repeatedly forsake their sensitive dependants. The main strength of the novel is its evocation of the pathology of adolescent rivalry ... there are moments of wiry drama and of psychological acuity.”


Summer 2009: More remarkable attention for KB's novel Der Fluss in Germany: In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Anja Hirsch writes that “Vindings Spiel was exciting, full of atmosphere and instructive… In Der Fluss, KB consequently gives attention to the deepest conflicts … And telling about the close connection between sorrow and desire, he is also this time able to seduce his reader.” In Kölner Stadtanzeiger, the author Peter Henning writes that Der Fluss is “a great and upsetting novel.” And in Sachsische Zeitung, Ulrich Steinmetzger writes that Der Fluss is a novel about deep passion, and that it is KB's achievement to find the right words for it.”


17 March 2009. Elke Heidenreich talks for the third time about one of KBs books in her famous Lesen!-program ( She presents Bjørnstads novel Der Fluss (Elven) and says it is “a brilliant, quiet, intense and profound melancholic story.”


17 March 2009. Elke Heidenreich talks for the third time about one of KBs books in her famous Lesen!-program ( She presents Bjørnstads novel Der Fluss (Elven) and says it is “a brilliant, quiet, intense and profound melancholic story.”


March/April 2009. KBs novel Damen I Dalen is reviewed in Norways major newspapers. Jan Askelund of Stavanger Aftenblad says that the novel is “thrilling Ketil Bjørnstad at his very best. His best book ever.” Svein Johs Ottesen of Aftenposten writes that the book is “a reading experience on the highest level” and that “KB writes about music in a way that few other authors are able to do.” Ole Jacob Hoel of Adresseavisen calls the novel “a very good read”. In VG, Sindre Hovdenak praise the book as “a full-blooded artist novel”. And in Dagbladet, Cathrine Krøger says that “KB is professional. He knows how to create a story.”


7 March 2009 in Dagsavisen, Damen I Dalen gets an excellent review by Kjell Olaf Jensen. He writes that the last volume of the Vinding-trilogy is both “thrilling, vivid and entertaining.” Jensen specially values Bjørnstad's attempt to describe life, love and self-analysis through music. More reviews of this novel are expected to come.


Friday 13 March 2009 KB will attend the Leipzig Bookfair, in Blüthner Klavierschule. He will read from the novel Der Fluss and also play solo piano. The day before, he gives a solo-concert at Schloss Landestrost outside Hannover. He is also performing with Anneli Drecker and Lill Lindfors on different concerts in Norway this spring. He will visit Germany and Austria in April (Frankfurt 22, Oberursel 23, together with Moritz Stoepel, and Innsbruck 25), playing solo-piano.


6 March 2009 the third novel about Aksel Vinding, Damen I Dalen is published in Norway by Aschehoug. The publishing house also invites to a release concert in Store Studio, NRK, with KORK (The Norwegian Radio Orchestra) Friday 20 March, presenting music from the trilogy. Jie Zhang will play Chopin and Ravel, Gunilla Süssmann will play Debussy, Beethoven and Rachmaninov. Christian Eggen is the conductor. He will also play Mozart. KB will read and tell from the books. Both radio and television will record the concert.


Ketil Bjørnstad’s novel The River (Aschehoug 2007) is currently being published in Denmark to glowing reviews. The River was given a full-page review in Politiken, one of Denmark’s major daily newspapers, 25 October 2008. Mette Winge writes, “It is not without good reason that Ketil Bjørnstad has been awarded the Prix des Lecteurs for To Music.” She calls The River “a worthy successor”, and writes, “Like To Music, The River is great literature – sombre and uplifting at the same time.” Henriette Bacher Lind of Jyllands-Posten, Denmark’s largest-selling daily newspaper, writes: “As the musician he is, Ketil Bjørnstad constructs his story very elegantly, like a musical composition, repeating the same passages again and again in new ways.” She concludes that the reader is “once again captivated by Ketil Bjørnstad’s musical and expressive language”. And Eva Pohl of Berlingske Tidende opens her review by commenting, “Waves of drama sweep over the characters in Ketil Bjørnstad’s compelling and psychologically insightful novel The River.” The third volume of the trilogy about Aksel Vinding, The Lady of the Valley, will be published in Norwegian in February 2009.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has a very favourable review of KB's "Oda" by Matthias Hannemann October 25. 2008. Hannemann writes that the novel is very elegantly written, and that KB shows all his musical talent in his work with the text. He also praises KB for being trustworthy with all the biographical elements.


In Norwegian Dagbladet, Tom Stalsberg writes that KB's book "Kolbein Falkeid - Et nærbilde" is a wonderful book about poetry, life and cosmos. Gro Jørstad Nilsen of Bergens Tidende says that KB gives a brilliant portrait of a wise poet. 


23 September 2008,

Ketil Bjørnstad was announced as the winner of the prestigious French readers’ award "Prix des Lecteurs" for his novel Til Musikken (La Société des Jeunes Pianistes). This prize is awarded by a large jury composed of readers all over France, who have read four books each month for an entire year. They select one candidate every month as a finalist, and then one of the twelve finalists is chosen as the winner. Ketil Bjørnstad’s novel Til Musikken, competing with novels by writers such as Paul Auster and Truman Capote, was the favourite of the French readers. Previous winners include Carlos Ruiz Zafón and Isabel Allende.


KBs novel ”Oda” is getting great attention in German newspapers. In his review for Züddeutsche Zeitung, Joseph Hanimann writes: “We are happy to believe that this woman anticipated the liberal masquerade between honesty and new pretence – a masquerade which the author’s generation would enjoy to its fullest extent – by almost a hundred years.” In Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Peter Urban-Halle writes that KBs novel reminds him of the writing of Per-Olov Enquist, but more sober, and without hysteria. In Rheinischer Merkur, KB is praised by Ulrich Steinmetzger, who writes that KBs novel is a sovereign piece of art.


 August 2008

KB was given the honour of writing the prologue for Bjørnsonfestivalen – The Norwegian festival of international literature – in Molde,


KB has delivered the third part of his trilogy about Axel Vinding, starting with “Til Musikken” (2004) and “Elven” (2007) to his publishing house Aschehoug. The novel, “Damen i dalen”, will be published in Spring 2009.


 21 September 2008.

Bokklubben (The norwegian Book-of-the-Month-club) makes a re-launch of KBs novel “Oda!” from 1983, due to it’s 25th anniversary, together with a re-release of his tripple-album “Leve Patagonia” from 1978. The book and the cd’s will be offered in October 2008, and KB

will perform “Sommernatt ved fjorden” at the “Bokfest” at the new Norwegian Opera.


22 September 2008

KBs portrait of the Norwegian poet Kolbein Falkeid “Kolbein Falkeid – et nærbilde. Den som ser i brønnen stirrer nedenfra.”, will be released by CappelenDamm. The book is a result of several interviews KB made with the 75 year old poet in his hometown Haugesund during



Ketil Bjørnstad’s novel "La Société des Jeunes Pianistes" (Til Musikken) is nominated to the French "Prix des Lecteurs" 2008.

19 December 2007
KB’s novel "Elven" (The River) was regarded as one of the best books in 2007 by Norway's biggest newspaper VG. Gabriel Michael Vosgraff Moro called the novel "a thrilling experience". (VG)

February 2008
KB’s Novel ODA was published by Insel/Suhrkamp.


22 October 2007
KB’s new novel "Elven" (The River) is the sequel to "Til Musikken" and was released by Aschehoug. It is also "book-of-the-month" in Bokklubben’s Nye Bøker. The author Unni Lindell recommends the book strongly for the BnB-magazine and says it is a book with an extraordinary literary quality. It reminds her of her favourite novel "Juleoratoriet" by Göran Tunström. In Adresseavisen Ole Jacob Hoel writes that the novel is "highly recommendable" and even asks for a third book about Aksel Vinding. In Dagsavisen, Gerd Elin Stava Sandve calls the novel "a deep river - a dark stream of desire and passion". In Aftenposten, the critic Svein Johs Ottesen regards the book as one of KB’s best novels ever. 


KB's latest novel "Til Musikken" (Vindings Spiel, etc) was sold to the English publishers MAIA-press during the London Book-Fair in April 2007. A GB-release of the book, which is also a pocket-book at Suhrkamp Verlag in September 2007, is planned for spring 2009.


19 March 2007
Ketil Bjørnstad participated in Elke Heidenreich's Literatur-Gala in Cologne, reading from "Vindings Spiel"


18 October 2006
The French translation of Ketil Bjørnstad’s novel Til Musikken (La Société des Jeunes Pianistes) has received excellent reviews in France. In Le Point, the former Goncourt-prize-winner Jacques-Pierre Amette writes that the novel is "Tout simplement superbe!" The novel has also received a very good review in Die Zeit.


Together with his journalist-wife Catharina Jacobsen, Ketil Bjørnstad wrote a book about the nerve sanatorium Modum Bad outside Oslo. The book was released by Dinamo Forlag.


Autumn 2006
Ketil Bjørnstad’s novel Til Musikken (La Société des jeunes pianistes) was released in France on Editions JC LATTÈS in September. It has been selected by Virgin and FNAC stores as a star book.


April 2006
Ketil Bjørnstad’s novel "Vindings Spiel" ("Til Musikken) got a strong recommendation from the book critic Elke Heidenreich in Germany. In her "Lesen!"-program for ZDF She called the novel: "... ein rundherum gut erzähltes, spannend erzähltes, einfühlsames, perfektes Buch. Das könnte Ihr Frühjahrsbuch werden." The novel reached the bestselling-list of both Stern and Der Spiegel shortly afterwards.


Ketil Bjørnstad’s book on Liv Ullmann ”Livslinjer (Lifelines)” is regarded one of the best books of the year (2005) by Aftenposten’s film critic Per Haddal. The book is so far sold to Germany (btb - Random House), Denmark, Russia, Hungary, Czeck Republic and Estonia.


October 2005
Ketil Bjørnstad's non-fiction novel "Flammeslukeren" (Ole Bull - en livshistorie) about the Norwegian fiddler Ole Bull (1810-1880) got an excellent review by the historian Yngvar Ustvedt in Norway's biggest daily newspaper VG.

17 October 2005
KETIL BJØRNSTAD released his biographical novel FLAMMESLUKEREN (The Fire- Eater) about the fiddler Ole Bull (1810-1880) in Bergen together with the Norwegian violinist Arve Tellefsen.

19 November 2005
KETIL BJØRNSTAD gave a lecture on Edvard Munch at the Royal Academy in London. Arcadia Books is also publishing their B format edition of The Story of Edvard Munch at the same time.

November 2005
KETIL BJØRNSTAD wrote a biography on the Norwegian actress and director LIV ULLMANN for Aschehoug & co, called LIVSLINJER (Lifelines).

August 2004 
KETIL BJØRNSTAD’s latest novel "Til Musikken" (An die Musik/To the music) was released in Norway in, and is so far sold in Denmark, Holland and France.