Winter, Spring, Summer 2017: KB on tour: Wien (Porgy and Bess) and Rottenmann 3-4 January (postponed from December 2016), Istanbul (with Terje Rypdal) 13 February, Mosjøen (solo) 1 March, Lørenskog Kulturhus (with Anne Grosvold) 2 March, Schorndorf and Marburg (solo) 17-18 March, Prøysen-huset (solo) 26 March, Schloss Elmau (solo) 29-30 April, Ringelien gård, Søndre Land 24 May, Valdres Sommersymfoni (with Guro Kleven Hagen, Anne Grosvold a.o.) Fagernes, 25 June, Fjæreheia, Grimstad (Terje Vigen) 4-12 July, Kabelvåg Kirke (Lofotoratoriet) 15 July, Baroniet Rosendal (solo) 28 July, Wesel (solo) 27 August.


January 2017: Lofoten Voices, conducted by the distinguished mezzo soprano Marianne Beate Kielland, starts rehearsing KB’s new oratorio Lofotoratoriet, with Kielland herself as soloist and local musicians in the ensemble. The composition, with texts by local poets, will have its world-premiere at The Lofoten Festival ( 15 July 2017 in Lofotkatedralen, Vågan kirke, Kabelvåg, Norway.


December 2016: KB finishes composing the music score for Kilden Teater’s stage production of Henrik Ibsen’s poem Terje Vigen at Fjæreheia Amfi outside Grimstad, Norway, where the original drama took place, according to Ibsen himself. Kilden’s theatre director Amalie Nilssen has written the script and is also directing the play. More info about the musicians, dancers and singers can be found at Terje Vigen will be performed between 4 and 12 July 2017.


November 2016: Elke Heidenreich writes about Mein Weg zu Mozart: “What an impressively, wonderful book!”


Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn 2016: KB on tour: München, Innsbruck, Langenau 20-23 January, Stavanger (with Ole Paus) 24 January, Moster (solo piano) 6 March, Fredrikstad (solo piano) 9 March, Drammen (solo piano) 10 March, Sandnessjøen (with Ole Paus) 12 March, Schwäbisch Hall 17 March, Flekkefjord (solo piano) 27 April, Balestrand (Frolandia) 6 May, Oslo (with Svante Henryson) 12 May, Sandefjord (solo piano) 23 May, Tønsberg (solo piano) 22 June, Baroniet Rosendal (solo piano) 1 July, Lofoten Int. Pianofestival (lectures) 12-19 July, Froland (Frolandia) 23 July, Rockefeller (with Anne Grosvold and Ole Paus) 1 September, Nord-Aurdal (solo piano) 3 September, Herne (solo piano and reading) 8 September, Berlin (solo piano and book-launch) 9 September, Tynset 14 and Stavanger 16 September (with Anne Grosvold), Oslo 19-20 September, Landsberg (solo piano) 24 September, Leipzig Opera Haus (solo piano) 29 September, Bergen (with Anne Grosvold) 14 October, Trondheim 20, Haugesund 21 and Asker 22 October (with Anne Grosvold), Skien (with Anne Grosvold) 26 October, Sandnes 29-30 October (Grace with choir), Stange (with Anne Grosvold) 2 November, Oslo (solo piano) 8 November, Sarpsborg (with Anne Grosvold) 9 November, Svelvik (with Anne Grosvold) 10 November, Stockholm (solo piano) 16 November, Kristiansand (with Håkon Kornstad) 17 November, Narvik/Harstad 18 and 19 November (with Anne Grosvold), Kalkmølla/Sandvika (with Håkon Kornstad) 14 November, Rottenman 9 December, Wien 10 December.


Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn 2015: KB on tour: Ringve Museum, Trondheim, 8 February (solo piano), Kalkmølla 12 February (with Randi Stene and Lars Anders Tomter), Brumunddal 26 February (solo piano), Kolben, Asker, Lillestrøm 14-16 April (solo piano), Drammen 5 May (solo piano), Holmestrand 28 May (solo piano), Søndre Land 30 May (solo piano) Kongsberg Int. Jazz Festival 4 July (Frolandia with Ole Paus, a.o. First Performance), Skåtøy Visefestival, Kragerø 16 July (with Lill Lindfors), The Barony (Rosendal) 18 July (with Håkon Kornstad), Peperonchino Jazz Festival (Italy) 25 July (solo piano), The Norwegian Opera (Oslo), 10 August (Frolandia with Ole Paus, a.o, Oslo Int. Jazz Festival), Oslo Int. Chamber Music Festival 22 August (solo piano), Bran (Romania), 30 August (with Svante Henryson), Trondheim, Bergen, 15-16 September (reading), Hamar 18 September (Frolandia with Ole Paus, a.o.), Tønsberg 24 September (reading), Sandnessjøen 12 October (solo piano), Trondheim 13 October (reading), Haugesund Kulturnatt 17 October (with Ole Paus a.o.), Bergen 20 October (reading), Porsgrund 21 October (reading), Nes 23 October (reading), Fredrikstad 27 October (reading) Haugesund 29 October (reading), Steinkjær 6 November (with Ole Paus), Josefine, Oslo, 11 November (various artists), Arendal 12 november (reading), Sting (Stavanger) 13 November (reading), Lyngdal 14 November (solo piano), Gjøvik 17 November (solo piano), Os 19 November (solo piano). 


December 2014: KB changes his Germany, Austria, Switzerland management to Werner Oberender in Neuwied (ref. Contact).


July 2014: First performance of KBs oratorio Sanger om Tilhørighet in Nidaros Cathedral 26 July gets five stars in Adresseavisen. Hroar Klempe writes that Bjørnstad is “a mature oratorio-composer”, that he is at his best with his melodies, when he also can be “very advanced” and “moving”. He gives much praise to the soloists Håkon Kornstad, Tora Augestad and Anja Lechner, and concludes his review with writing that Sanger om Tilhørighet is a “memorable” piece of music.


Spring/Summer/Autumn 2014: KB on tour: Warszawa Radio House (Komeda Festival) 8 March (with Tore Brunborg. Flekkefjord 11 June (solo piano). Sarpsborg Church 22 June (Sunrise/Edvard Munch). Harstad (North Norway Festival) 25 June (duo with Paolo Fresu).

Tyssnes Festival 10 July (solo piano). Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim 26 July (Songs of Belonging, commissioned work for Olavsfestdagene, with Anja Lechner, Håkon Kornstad, Tora Augestad, Birger Mistereggen and Nidaros Oratorie Choir, conducted by Petra Bjørkhaug). Rosendal Barony 1 August (solo piano). Moster Amfi 21 September (solo piano).

Jarasum Int. Jazzfestival, Korea 4 October (with Terje Rypdal). University Aula, Oslo 31 October (A Passion For John Donne – ECM release concert). Southampton, England 21 November (solo piano). Bristol, England 22 November (solo piano).


December 2013- March 2014: Except for a concert in Reykjavik (Iceland) 30 January and in Kristiansund 2 February, KB will not be touring this winter. He will be writing new music as well as a book about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, called Mozart’s roads – The roads to Mozart.


December 2013: KB is engaged to write the commissioned work for Olavsfestdagene in Trondheim, 26 July 2014, Sanger om tilhørighet (Songs of belonging), for soloist, choir and small ensemble in Nidarosdomen (The Nidaros Cathedral). Tora Augestad will sing the main vocal part.


November 2013: The Norwegian singer Kari Bremnes and KB honoured Edvard Munch as a writer in South Banks Purcell Room on 21 November at the London Jazz Festival.  In Jazz Journal, Michael Tucker writes: “Beautifully measured, Bjørnstad’s classical touch and adagio-tinged phrasing served many a lyrically turned open-voiced melody but there were also some thunderous passages of clustered improvisation deep in the bass register, during a violently expressive reading of The Scream. Throughout, Bremnes’ lucid, soulfully pitched phrasing delivered the direct and often very moving lyrics of love and death, longing, belonging and loss with consummate poetic understanding – and, where needed, controlled drama. Warmly acknowledged by the two participants at one point, sound man Sven Persson was very much the (unseen) third person of the performance, his excellent work throughout enabling the audience to relish a consistently arresting yet never overforced blend of voice, lyric and piano in a thought-provoking program of considerable dynamic range.”


August 2013: ECM has decided to release Sunrise in Norway 11 October 2013 in connection with the Edvard Munch 150th Anniversary. The international release will follow early 2014.


Autumn 2013: KB on tour: Bakkenteigen 19 September (Munch & Solo Piano). Haugesund 21 September (Munch & Solo Piano). Sunndalsøra 24 September (Munch w/Kari Bremnes).  Ålesund 28 September (Soloppgang/Sunrise). Tønsberg and Oslo 13 and 15 October (Munch reading w/ The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra). Moster Amfi 20 October (Munch & Solo Piano). Nes 21 October (Munch & Solo Piano). Asker 25 October (Munch & Solo Piano). Åsgårdstrand/Bakkenteigen 27 October (Munch Evening). Grue 2 November (Munch & Solo Piano). Voksenåsen 3 November (Munch & Solo Piano). Tønsberg 4 November (Munch & Solo Piano). Holmestrand 5 November (Munch & Solo Piano). Sande 6 November (Munch & Solo Piano). Sarpsborg 7 November (w/ Ole Paus). Sarpsborg 8 November (w/ Terje Rypdal). Sarpsborg  9 November (Soloppgang/Sunrise). Oslo Concert House 14 November (Munch reading w/ Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra). The Munch Museum 15 November (Munch reading w/ Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra). Universitetets Aula 16 November (Munch reading w/ Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra). London, Purcell Room 21 November (Munch w/Kari Bremnes). Berlin 24 November (Munch & Solo Piano). Tokke 8 December (Munch w/ Kari Bremnes). Oslo, Universitetets Aula 12 December (Soloppgang/Sunrise – Munch’s 150th birthday). Stockholm 13 December (Munch & Solo Piano).


May 2013: La Notte (ECM) gets exceptional reviews. In the London Jazz News, Chris Parker writes that the “musicians are also sensitive enough, when negotiating Bjørnstad’s more restrained, graceful moments, to ensure that the truth of his statement ‘visual art creates music in our minds, and music creates pictures and visual expressions with the same intensity’  is borne out throughout this consistently affecting, sometimes downright mesmerising live performance.” The Independent’s Nick Coleman writes that the ensemble is “impressive” and in Dagbladet, Terje Mosnes gives the album maximum rating and writes that the album has a kind of “melancholic elegance” and has to be placed on the highest possible level in KB’s discography.


April 2013: The Munch cantata Soloppgang is performed in a sold out Oslo Cathedral 20 April. The CD album will be released in Norway in October in connection with the 150th Anniversary of Edvard Munch’s birth. The international release will follow in 2014.


April 2013: ECM will release The Antonioni Project with the new title La Notte.


March 2013: In connection with the Edvard Munch jubilee, KB is touring with his concert lecture The Story Of Edvard Munch and gets six stars in the newspaper Varden. Fredrik Nordahl writes that the concert and the lecture are “outstanding”.


March 2013: Premiere of Otto Homlung’s new play Tvillingsjeler about Gunvor Hofmo and Ruth Maier for Riksteatret, starring Marit Østbye, Silje Storstein and Janne Heltberg. Ketil Bjørnstad writes the music for solo piano.


Winter/Spring/Summer 2013: KB on tour: Løten 12 January (solo piano), Sørum 29/30 January (solo piano) Stavanger, Fjaler, Meløy, Sandnessjøen, Mosjøen and Fredrikstad, 26 February-3 March (solo piano). Lillestrøm and Os 7-8 March (solo piano). Skien 14 March (solo piano). Bodø 20 March (with Svante Henryson), Bodø 21 March (solo piano), Voss 22 March (with Kari Bremnes). Lørenskog 9 April (solo piano) Fredrikstad (solo piano) 13 April. Oslo, The Ibsen Museum, 14 April (solo piano). Oslo domkirke/Cathedral 20 April (Soloppgang/Sunrise with Munch koret, Solveig Andsnes, a.o.) Sandvika, Bergen, Stavanger, Balestrand, Notodden 8-12 May (with Kari Bremnes). Trondheim/Byneset 14 May (with Randi Stene), Tallin 23 May (solo piano), Copenhagen 25 May (solo piano), Moss 1 June (with Kari Bremnes), Leipzig 14 June (solo piano), Åsgårdsstrand 22 June (with Kari Bremnes Band), Harstad 24 June (with Kari Bremnes Band) Risør Chamber Music Festival 28-30 June (solo piano), Skåtøy 14 July (with Anneli Drecker), The Barony, Rosendal, 18 July (solo piano), Grimstad , The Hamsun Days, 8 August (solo piano). Oslo, Pianothon, 23 August (solo piano), Bjørkelangen 31 August (with Tore Brunborg and Jon Christensen).


October 2012: KB’s producer Manfred Eicher (ECM) has decided to release The Antonioni Project in March 2013. The Edvard Munch cantata Soloppgang  will be released by ECM in October the same year. A Passion for John Donne will be released by ECM in March 2014.


Summer/Autumn 2012: KB on tour: Hønefoss, Pettersens Kolonial 30 May (solo piano and cd recording), Tallinn 2 June (solo piano), Bekkelaget kirke 10 June (Soloppgang with Nordstrand Musikkselskaps kor), Melbu 7 June (solo piano), Nyksund brygge 8 June (solo piano), The Barony Rosendal 21 July (solo piano), Canal Street Festival, Arendal 24 July (with Kari Bremnes), Ystad 2 August (with Terje Rypdal), Warszawa 31 August (with Tore Brunborg & Jon Christensen), Kolbotn (Kolben) 18 September (with Ole Paus), Moster Amfi 23 September (solo piano), Røros Literary Festival 28, 29 September (solo piano and reading), Istanbul 11 October (with Terje Rypdal), Lørenskog 19 October (with Ole Paus), Haugesund 27 October (solo piano), Grue 4 November (with Ole Paus), Gjøvik 15 November (solo piano), Moscow 30 November (literary festival).


April 2012: ECM will release the double album Songs From The Alder Thicket. KB’s publishing house Aschehoug will at the same time release the three novels about Aksel Vinding in one volume. The music on the ECM-cd is closely related to the books.


February 2012: KB and Oslo Kammerkor have reached agreement on a cd-recording of Soloppgang in Rainbow Studio with the original musicians and the singer Kari Bremnes in April 2012. The cd will be released in 2013, during the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Edvard Munch’s birth.


December 2011/January 2012: KB writes A Passion for John Donne for the Oslo International Church Music Festival. It will be performed in Sofienberg Kirke in Oslo on 16 March 2012. The concert will also be recorded for a possible cd-release in the future. KB collaborates with Oslo Kammerkor, conductor Håkon Nystedt and percussionist Birger Mistereggen. Håkon Kornstad both sings and plays saxophone.


12 November 2011: First performance of Soloppgang, with text by Edvard Munch and music by KB at the Universitetets Aula, in front of Munch’s famous painting. The concert was totally sold out and many people didn’t get tickets. New performances and a cd-recording are being discussed.


October/November 2011: Riksteateret’s re-production of the huge success “Undset”, with Ellen Horn as Sigrid Undset. KB writes the music.


19 October 2011: First performance of the musical Amanda fra Haugesund at Haugesund Teater. KB’s music to Birgit Amalie Nielssen’s play, casting Solveig Andsnæs, Jørgen Langhelle, Linn Løvvik and Jon Eikemo, a. o.


1 October 2011: KB plays outdoor solo piano for more than 12.000 people at the Jarasum International Jazz Festival outside Seoul, Korea. He also records a solo piano live concert for Korean television.


Autumn 2011/Winter 2012: KB on tour: Nyksund Brygge 6 August (solo piano), Fredrikstad 1 September (solo piano), Asker 18 September (with Tore Brunborg & Jon Christensen), Trondheim 22 September (solo piano), Korea 30 September-1 October (Television concert and Jarasum International Jazz Festival – solo piano), Köln 11 October (with Svante Henryson), Haugesund 27 October (solo piano), Neuwied (with Terje Rypdal) 4 November, Karmøy (with Ole Paus) 6 november, Mjøndalen 10 November (solo piano), Oslo 12 November (First performance of Soloppgang at the Universitetets Aula, under the “The Sun”-picture of Edvard Munch), Gjøvik 16 November (solo piano), Oslo (with Kari Bremnes) 22 November, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Frankfurt 23-27 November (Lesung-tour). 2012: Kongsberg 18 January (solo piano), Oslo, Torshov 19 & 26 January (solo piano), Langenau 11 February (solo piano), Oslo 16 March (First performance of A Passion for John Donne, with Håkon Kornstad (sax), Birger Mistereggen (percussion) and Oslo Kammerkor, conducted by Håkon Nystedt – Oslo International Church Music Festival), Lørenskog 12 April (with Kari Bremnes), Oslo 5 May (with Ole Paus at the National Library), Rosendal Barony 21 July (solo piano), Arendal 25 July (with Kari Bremnes).


July 2011: KB completes Soloppgang (Sunrise), a cantata written on the texts by Edvard Munch for Nordstrand Musikkselskaps Kor, conducted by Egil Fossum. The cantata will be performed at Universitetets Aula, Oslo, Saturday 12 November 2011, with Kari Bremnes (vocal), Aage Kvalbein (cello), Matias Bjørnstad (sax) and Bjørn Kjellemyr (double bass).


May 2011: KBs three solo recitals at the Spoleto Festival in U.S. is a huge success.

In Charleston City Newspaper T. Ballard Lesemann writes that KB gives the piano ”a special sonic treatment”, also writing that his technique was terrific, and “at times, it sounded like three pianists playing simultaneously”. The critic also praised the “gorgeous, refined moments of tenderness”. In The Post And Courier, Jack McCray writes that KB kept the “growing tradition” after Dave Brubeck and Horace Silver, a.o., intact: “His execution was flawless. He created moods that were at once delightful and profound.” He compared KB with Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett and Charles Lloyd, “bringing fresh treatments to classic structures”.


Spring/Summer 2011: KB on tour: Engø Gård 8 April (solo piano), Lyngør Fyr 7 May (solo piano), Mai-Jazz Stavanger 13 May (with Tore Brunborg & Jon Christensen), Spoleto Festival, Charleston, USA 29-31 May (solo piano), Lørenskog kulturhus 3 June & Junikveld Børli/Eidskog 5 June (both with Lill Lindfors), Sunndal 21 June (with Terje Rypdal & Ole Paus), Elba, Italy 7 July (with Svante Henryson), Skåtøy 14 July & Engø 17 July (both with Kari Bremnes), The Barony Rosendal 29 July (with Ole Paus).


May 2011: KB gives 3 solo-concerts at the American Spoleto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina,  29-30 May. (Cathedral church of St. Luke and St. Paul.)


Winter/Spring 2011: KB on tour: Kalkmølla, Bærum 10 February (with Jon Christensen and Tore Brunborg), Haugesund 11 February (with Kari Bremnes), Kolbotn (Kolben) 29 March and Hov i Land 30 March (both with Kari Bremnes).


January 2011: KB visits the Hay Cartagena Festival in Colombia Saturday 29 January (solo piano and author-interview).


November/December 2010: KB on tour: Berlin 3 November (Lesung). Oberursel 4 November (Lesung with Moritz Stoepel). Fürth 6 November (Lesung). Nittedal 21 November (solo piano), Hamar 2 December (solo piano). Vilnius 14 December (solo piano).


Autumn 2010: KB on tour: Berlin 6 September (presenting the German version of Damen i Dalen – Die Frau im Tal). Nordhausen 7 September (Lesung), Köln 8 September (solo piano. St. Mauritius Kirche). Sortland 15, Lørenskog 16, Ørsta 17 Stryn 18 and Sandvika 25 September (all with Lill Lindfors.) Tønsberg 25 September (Lecture about Oda Krohg). Madrid 27 September (presenting the Spanish version of To Music). Kvinesdal 29 September (solo piano). Frankfurt Book-Fair, 6-8 October (presenting Die Frau im Tal). Eidsvoll 16. October (solo piano). Moster 24 October (solo piano). Notodden 26 October (solo piano). Neuwied 29 October (solo Piano).


July 2010: KB and his powerful ensemble (Shepard, Lechner, Mazur, Aarset, Andersen) got standing ovations after their performance of The Antonioni Project at Molde Int. Jazzfestival. The reviews gave unison praise to the musicians, and in a huge and detailed review in All About Jazz, John Kelman wrote about “the feeling of having been there ... in this very specific place, at this very particular point in time.” The concert was recorded for ECM, and Kelman wrote that the recording “will, no doubt, be a terrific one – perhaps, even, the best recording of Bjørnstad’s career.”


July 2010: John Kelman from All About Jazz visits Norway’s most famous jazz-festivals, and after KB and Svante Henryson’s concert at Kongsberg Jazzfestival, where the duo for the first time presented music from their upcoming Night Song­-album (ECM, January 2011), he wrote that it was “a show that was largely gentle, occationally majestic and always elegant ... Nearing 60, Bjørnstad continues at a pace that would put many younger musicians to shame ... Henryson’s understated passion created a dramatic undercurrent to Bjørnstad that made their performance a trancendent experience.”


Summer 2010: KB gives several concerts. Lillehammer Litteraturfestival 27 May (with Kari Bremnes), Hay Festival, Wales, 29 May (solo piano), Bergen Nattjazz 2 June (with Kari Bremnes), Reine Festival, Lofoten, 4 June (solo piano), Vestfold Festspillene, Åsgårdstrand, 6 June (solo piano) and the day after (with Kari Bremnes). Rosendal Barony 19 June (with Lill Lindfors), Tjuvholmen, Oslo, 20 June (with Lill Lindfors), Sunndal 22 June (with Lill Lindfors), Hochneunkirchen, Austria, 25 June (solo piano), Kongsberg Int. Jazzfestival 8 July (with cellist Svante Henryson), Dovre 12 July (solo piano), Molde Int. Jazzfestival 21 July (Commisioned work, The Antonioni-project). Augsburg 4 August (with Tore Brunborg and Jon Christensen). Hamsun-dagene, Hamarøy, 6 August (solo piano) and Oslo Jazzfestival, 21 August (night-concert with Tore Brunborg and Jon Christensen in Oslo Domkirke).


Spring 2010: KB will give a few concerts in Norway, Germany, England, France and Korea. He also writes on a new novel.


4 December 2009: KB performs Grace with Anneli Drecker in St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London. He also performs at The Norwegian Seamen’s Church the day after. 17 December he performs with the Norwegian poet Ove Røsbak in Lillehammer.


Autumn 2009: KB visits Germany 16 (Langenau), 17 (Ecquinox Music Festival, Köln) and 18 September (Münster), playing both solo piano and with Arild Andersen and Alex Riel (Köln). He will perform in Sarpsborg with Ole Paus 24 September. 14 and 15 October KB will visit “Lettres du Monde” in Bordeaux, France, and 17 October he gives a concert with Terje Rypdal at the Istanbul Jazz-festival, Turkey. He gives two concerts in Haugesund, Norway 23/24 October, one solo-recital in Purcell Room, London, 27 October, Sandefjord 29 October, Larvik (With Ole Paus) 3th November, Koblenz, Neuwied and Fürth (Germany) 5th, 6th and 7th November. Asker (Norway) with Randi Stene and Lars Anders Tomter 11 November. Solo-piano in Hamm (Germany) 19 November. Moster, Horten, Asker and Lillestrøm with Lill Lindfors, November/December 2009.


Friday 13 March 2009 KB will attend the Leipzig Bookfair, in Blüthner Klavierschule. He will read from the novel Der Fluss and also play solo piano. The day before, he gives a solo-concert at Schloss Landestrost outside Hannover. He is also performing with Anneli Drecker and Lill Lindfors on different concerts in Norway this spring. He will visit Germany and Austria in April (Frankfurt 22, Oberursel 23, together with Moritz Stoepel, and Innsbruck 25), playing solo-piano.


6 March 2009 the third novel about Aksel Vinding, Damen I Dalen is published in Norway by Aschehoug. The publishing house also invites to a release concert in Store Studio, NRK, with KORK (The Norwegian Radio Orchestra) Friday 20 March, presenting music from the trilogy. Jie Zhang will play Chopin and Ravel, Gunilla Süssmann will play Debussy, Beethoven and Rachmaninov. Christian Eggen is the conductor. He will also play Mozart. KB will read and tell from the books. Both radio and television will record the concert.


Sunday 28 June 2009 KB has been asked to compose the commissioned work for the Vestfold Festspillene 2009. The oratorium “Hvalenes Sang” (“Song of the Whales) will be performed at Oseberg Kulturhus, Tønsberg with Anneli Drecker, Svante Henryson, Bjørn Kjellemyr, Rune Arnesen, Bjørn Meyer Charles, Sven Persson and Sjøbodkoret with Arne Næss, together with the composer and two actors from Teater Ibsen. 


17 November 2008

Ketil Bjørnstad presents a reading from his forthcoming novel "To Music" (Maia Press 2009) and a solo piano performance at Kings Place, during London Jazz Festival.


17 November 2008

Ketil Bjørnstad presents a reading from his forthcoming novel "To Music" (Maia Press 2009) and a solo piano performance at Kings Place, during London Jazz Festival.


 Autumn 2008

KB is touring all over Norway (mostly solo piano). He will also visit several German cities (Köln, Frankfurt, Ludwigshafen and Oldenburg a. o.). He will play with Terje Rypdal in Porto, Portugal, 26 October 2008. During the London International Jazz festival, 17 November 2008, he presents a reading from his forthcoming novel “To Music” (“Til Musikken”) and solo piano performance at Kings Place, the iconic new creative centre in Kings Cross.


25 May – 6 July 2008

KB will perform his suite "The Light - Songs of Love and Fear" with Randi Stene and Lars Anders Tomter at the "Les signes parmi nous - Musik von ECM"-festival at Schloss Elmau, Sunday 25 May 2008.

The trio also gave a cd-release concert at Logen, during the Bergen International Festival on Wednesday 21 May 2008 and performed the suite at Randi Stenes own festival "Sommersang", at Ringve Museum, Trondheim, Friday 13 June, at the Barony in Rosendal 4 July, and at Verdens Ende outside Tønsberg (early morning open air concert) Sunday 6 July 2008.


April 2008
KB was touring solo-piano and also visited Germany for a "Lesung"-tour in.


Autumn 2007
KB gave numerous solo piano-concerts in Norway


30 November 2007,

Ketil Bjørnstad played with Arild Andersen and Alex Riel in Baden-Baden.


16 November 2007

KB and Wolfgang Puschnig played in London at the London International Jazz Festival.


24 July 2007
Canal Street Jazz & Blues-festival in Arendal, asked Ketil Bjørnstad to write a new piece for the 2007-festival. "Coastlines" is performed with KB on piano and Lill Lindfors (vocal), Nora Taksdal (viola), Svein Dag Hauge (guitars), Arild Andersen (double bass) & Alex Riel (drums).
 The day after KB gave an open- air concert with Terje Rypdal (guitar) and Paolo Vinaccia (drums).


July 2007
KB was given the honour of opening the Molde International Jazz Festival with a specially written prologue, reflecting on the power of improvised music and the energy of the city during the festival days.


21 July 2007
Together with Terje Rypdal, Ketil Bjørnstad played the last concert at the Molde International Jazz Festival. Rypdal is Artist of Residence and they gave a duo-concert at the Molde Cathedral,.


March 2007
Ketil Bjørnstad toured in Norway with Terje Rypdal, visiting the following places: Modum Bad (7), Kolben Kulturhus, Kolbotn (8), Huset Brandbu (9), Ullensaker Jessheim (10),  Oseberg Kulturhus, Tønsberg (13), Grong Kulturhus (14), Mo i Rana (15), Tysværtunet (18).


14 February 2007.
Ketil Bjørnstad gave a concert with his trio (Arild Andersen, bass. Alex Riel, drums) in Nürnberg


18 December 2006
With guitarist Terje Rypdal, Ketil Bjørnstad toured Shetland, Gütersloh, Krefeld, Innsbruck, Vienna and Schwäbish-Gmünd before Christmas. Ketil Bjørnstad also gave solo piano-concerts at the Schwäbish Hall, Mandal, Berlin (silent movie Terje Vigen) and Arendal, and performed Grace with Anneli Drecker in Istanbul in the same period. He also gave a gala-concert with the Swedish singer Lill Lindfors in Stockholm.


November and December 2006
Ketil Bjørnstad toured with Terje Rypdal in Europe


Summer 2006
KB gave solo-piano concerts in Åsgårdstrand and at the Barony in Rosendal in June. He also performed Grace with Anneli Drecker at the Fjellfestivalen in Åndalsnes and at the Canal Street-festival in Arendal in July. He gave a trio-concert in Bodø during the Nordland Musikkfestuke in August. The same month he also performed Kildens Bredd together with Ole Paus in Fredrikstad.


22 March 2006
After Ketil Bjørnstad’s concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, John Fordham, The Guardian called the music "exquisite" and wrote that "Seafarer's Song" had "a gripping eloquence". And after the concert in Edinburgh the day before, Rob Adams from The Herald wrote that it was "a work of major ambition carried off with considerable skill”.  BBC broadcasted the concert from Southampton.


18 and 19 May 2006
Ketil Bjørnstad was invited to "Europa der Mutterspracen" in Salzburg, both as an author and with his trio (Arild Andersen, Alex Riel)


30 April 2006
Ketil Bjørnstad was participating together with Randi Stene (mezzosoprano) in a performance of his "Messe For En Såret Jord" (KKV) in Sandefjord.


20 to 26 April 2006
Ketil Bjørnstad toured Austria and Germany, in connection with Suhrkamp/Insel Verlag's release of his latest novel "Vindings Spiel" ("Til Musikken"). He visited Wien, Berlin, Leipzig, Rostock, Kiel, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.


19 to  25  March 2006
Ketil Bjørnstad toured with CMN (contemporary Music Network) visiting  Gateshead (Sage), Manchester (Royal Northern College of Music), Edinburgh (Queens Hall), London (Queen Elisabeth Hall), Bristol (St. Georges), Birmingham (CBSO Centre) and Southampton (Turner Sims Concert Hall). He presented music from his albums "Before the light", "Floating" and "Seafarer's Song" together with Kristin Asbjørnsen (vocal), Eivind Aarset (guitar), Arild Andersen (double-bass), Svante Henryson (cello) and Alex Riel (drums). Andy Sheppard (saxophone) is "Special Guest Star".


11 March 2006
Ketil Bjørnstad gave a duo-concert with the Swedish singer Lill Lindfors in Ålesund


12 to 17 February 2006

Ketil Bjørnstad toured with Palle Danielson & Alex Riel in Germany visiting Regensburg, Neunkirchen, Heidelberg, Darmstadt, Frankfurt & München.


9 February 2006
Ketil Bjørnstad gave a solo piano recital in the new Culture House in Arendal.

October 2005
KETIL BJØRNSTAD is collaborating both with Kjell Kalleklev Management and Bremme-Hohensee in Germany about touring in other countries. A.O. Innsbruck and Marburg.

29 October 2005
KETIL BJØRNSTAD played with Terje Rypdal in Cork, Ireland,.

29 September 2005
KETIL BJØRNSTAD played in Nürnberg with the Norwegian singer Kari Bremnes and had a reading in Nürnberg Litteraturhaus the day before.

June 2005
KETIL BJØRNSTAD gave a duo-concert with the Swedish cellist Svante Henryson at the Bath Festival.

July 2005
KETIL BJØRNSTAD played with Terje Rypdal in Warsaw.

March 2006
KETIL BJØRNSTAD was The Arts Council’s "Contemporary Music Network-artist" in England.

May 2005
KETIL BJØRNSTAD used the same studio and instrument for his trio-recording for Emarcy/Universal. The album was released in the autumn 2005.

 29 January 2005
KETIL BJØRNSTAD gave a concert  with Anneli Drecker (Grace) on Svalbard/Spitsbergen. 

 20 to 22 January 2005
KETIL BJØRNSTAD played and read from his latest novel in Germany, "Villa Europa" (Insel/Suhrkamp) in Rostock, Frankfurt and Langenau.

November 2004
KETIL BJØRNSTAD was in Hamburg choosing a new Steinway Grand (model D) for the new Rainbow Studio in Oslo, together with sound-engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug.