Ketil Bjørnstad
The World I Used to Know


From the sixties and onwards, Ketil Bjørnstad is writ-
ing his own life story juxtaposed to the histories and
history of the various decades of his life.

The first two books have been a tremendous success
amongst Norwegian critics and audience alike, being
nominated to the Norwegian Bookseller’s Prize and
dominating the bestseller lists for months in a row.

Book three: The Eighties, to be published in October,
is about the decade of the yuppies when the rebellious
ideals from the seventies vanished. Accidents, attacks
and events in the author’s own life, challenges his
relationship with his own body, his artistic work
and the people around him.

Praise for the Sixties and The Seventies:

Vivid descriptions that gives the reader both new experiences and –
for many – stir up memories. Thereby, this work of literature has qualities
that makes us realize that this is far more than just the author‘s world.
Tønsberg Blad, Six out of six stars

Truly an adventrous literary journey, well written, full of charm and
warmth. VG

Lives up to and exceeds the expectations Adresseavisen.

Bjørnstad‘s gigantic work about our world, with his own life as a start-
ing point, proves itself ever stronger. Dagbladet

Amongst the best he has ever written. Dagsavisen

Grand and daring. An important contribution to reality literature.

Ketil Bjørnstad

Ketil Bjørnstad is one of Norways most prominent musicians, composers and writers. Versatile and proli c, he has published
more than 30 books – poetry, novels and factual accounts of the lives of the painters Oda Krohg and Edvard Munch, the author
Hans Jæger, the musician Ole Bull and the lm artist Liv Ullmann. His books have been published in several languages.

This writer obviously possesses every kind of talent possible.
Le Monde

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